K-array Webinar: Monitoring

K-array is known for its innovative loudspeakers for large PA systems, but its low-profile monitoring solutions are also responsible for producing maximum results for live performances. Join us for an in-depth look at K-array's collection of compact and durable audio solutions that are optimal for monitoring applications in live sound, nightlife and broadcast and studio sectors.

You will Discover:
~ Solutions for Live Sound & Broadcast Applications
~ How to adjust Monitor Directivity
~ Point Source vs Line Array Monitors

Behringer Webinar: Calibrating Studio Monitors (Part 1)

Behringer LIVE Webinar (Part 1): Calibrating Studio Monitors

Calibrate your studio speakers like a pro using the Behringer ECM8000 Mic and a free calibration software in this brand new webinar series.

Williams AV Webinar: Best Way to Install Induction Loops

No two venues are the same, and not all situations are equal when it comes to how best to effectively install induction loops. Join us for an overview of assisted listening systems (ALS) focusing on the benefits and best practices of induction Loop application for public venues. This webinar series is appropriate for end-users considering a loop, integrators interested in learning how to approach this market, and for Consultants interested in learning how to specify these systems for their environments.


An overview of how induction loops systems work, and who loop systems work for.
Contrast different approaches for how to best serve each market and enhance the end-user experience.
Examine which devices which can couple with hearing loops to best serve an audience.