Williams AV Webinar: Introduction to the New Convey Audio Translation System

Join Williams AV for an introduction to the New Convey Audio translation system. Convey uses cloud- based Artificial Intelligence (AI) to accurately translate continuous speech into any one of 27 languages and 70 dialects. This webinar is well suited for consultants, integrators and end users who have a current or future need for affordable, real-time translation services.

1.  Overview of cloud based translation using Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2.  System overview and specifications
3.  Integration of Convey Audio translation into a current audio system

Midas Webinar: What Goes on Tour with Steve Lagudi

Brand leader Pete Sadler chats to one of the most recognizable and respected sound engineers in the live sound industry Steve Lagudi. Steve specialises in genres such as, rock, metal, country, pop, jazz, punk and is known among artists to be an engineer that puts sound quality, depth and tone ahead of all else, which is why Midas chose him to be the man to present our Pro Series masterclass some time back. As Midas now transitions into the next generation of digital mixing consoles, we are excited to get Steve's insights on the future of live sound technology, the state of the industry amid the current slow-down and hopefully to hear some more spicy tour-stories from the past. Join us as we talk touring life, mixers and all things audio!